ELIPPS CA Fellows 2016

ELIPPS CA Fellows 2016 is the second cohort of twelve graduate and professional students at UC Davis who are doing paid public policy internships in California during summer 2016. 

Hanjiro Ambrose, ELIPPS CA Fellow at the Institute of Transportation Studies.  

Hanjiro Ambrose

Center Placement: UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies 

Hanjiro is a Ph.D. student in Transportation Technology and Policy who has been placed with Air Resources Board member Dr. Dan Sperling at the Institute of Transportation Studies.  Hanjiro’s research aims to identify and avoid unintended environmental outcomes from vehicle emissions policies for light duty vehicles and on-road freight. His projects and case studies focus on life cycle assessment of critical energy materials, low carbon transportation fuel pathways, and vehicle technologies.   Working with Dr. Sperling, Hanjiro will be: coordinating a workshop and policy discussions between the Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and key stakeholder groups; conducting research relevant to the ARB ZEV credit rule revision this year; and finally, next generation vehicle fuel economy standards.  

Eduardo Ramirez Castro, ELIPPS CA Fellow at California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.

Eduardo Ramirez Castro 

Agency Placement: California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation (CRLAF)

Eduardo Ramirez Castro is a JD candidate.  This summer at CRLAF he will conduct research on health coverage opportunities for California’s remaining uninsured. His research and policy advocacy will examine county-specific approaches to funding healthcare for the uninsured. Part of his work will focus on examining the potential immigration-related legal consequences of receiving healthcare benefits, and his research and advocacy will contribute to statewide efforts of providing healthcare for all.  

Ben Gevercer, ELIPPS CA Fellow at CA Office of Attorney General. 

Ben Gevercer 

Agency Placement: CA Office of Attorney General  

Ben Gevercer is JD candidate.  He is placed at the California Attorney General’s office in the health, education, and welfare section. This section represents state officials and agencies that administer state and local health, education, and welfare programs. They include the Department of Health Care Services, the Department of Social Services and the Department of Education. Ben has a BA from the University of California, Santa Cruz. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz, he worked on the 2012 Obama campaign in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. He then spent two years and half years at the California Department of Finance, where I focused on state and local corrections and public safety policy.

Beth Ann Hart, ELIPPS CA Fellow at WestEd.

Beth Ann Hart

Agency Placement: WestEd

Beth Ann Hart is a Ph.D. candidate in Department of Sociology.  As an ELIPPS fellow at WestEd, she will be working on two projects. The first project is called "Doing What Matters Initiative," which seeks to provide better information on student outcomes and labor market conditions to inform career and technical education programs at community colleges. The second project is about providing technical assistance and resources around college and career readiness and success to the US Army Child, Youth, and School Services. 

Millie Levin, ELIPPS CA Fellow at CA Ocean Protection Council. 

Millie Levin

Agency Placement: CA Ocean Protection Council 

Millie is a Masters student in Department of Geology.  This summer Millie will be working with the Ocean Protection Council, within the California Natural Resources Agency, helping to maintain a healthy ocean and mitigating the impacts of sea-level rise. The Ocean Protection Council is responsible for updating the State Sea-level Rise Guidance Document, including to provide projections of sea-level rise.  The Ocean Protection Council staff are also part of a Technical Advisory Group on implementing a Governor’s Executive Order which calls on state agencies to address climate impacts as part of planning and investment decisions.  The Council is tasked with facilitating a process to summarize the most current scientific understanding of sea-level rise so that state agencies and local governments can plan for a range of scenarios to mitigate risk from sea-level rise.  Specifically, Millie's contribution will be to support Ocean Protection Council staff during these processes and to strengthen connections with leading ice melt researchers, and explore ways that the Ocean Protection Council can support polar ice melt research priorities. 

Colin Mickle, ELIPPS CA Fellow at Office of Planning and Research. 

Colin Mickle

Agency Placement: Office of Planning and Research 

Colin is an MS student in Community Development. As an ELIPPS Fellow, Colin is working at the California Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR). Focused on Executive Order B-30-15, he will draft a technical advisory report on how full life-cycle cost accounting can be incorporated into planning and investment decisions by state agencies to improve climate resilience. Colin will also assist various sub-TAGs (Technical Action Groups) on developing guidance to state agencies around principles of collaboration with local and regional entities for climate adaptation and resilience. 

Jessica Rudnick, ELIPPS CA Fellow at UC Davis World Food Center.

Jessica Rudnick 

Center Placement: UC Davis World Food Center

Jessica is a first year Ph.D. Student in the Graduate Group in Ecology and the Center for Environmental Policy and Behavior. As an ELIPPS fellow, she will be working with the UC Davis World Food Center and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to build on the basis of Climate Smart Agriculture knowledge across California.  As a part of this fellowship she will be involved in developing a case study around the policy tools California is using to build a climate-smart agriculture sector, provide recommendations for updating the California Climate Scoping Plan to incorporate agriculture's role in adapting and mitigating climate change impacts, and  develop outreach tools in collaboration with Wageningen University in the Netherlands to communicate cutting edge and cross-disciplinary research that is working to specify and quantify the impact of climate-smart agricultural practices. 

Mattias Sparrow, ELIPPS CA Fellow at Policy Analysis for California Education.

Mattias Sparrow 

Center Placement:  Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)

Mattias is a Ph.D. student in the School of Education. During his fellowship, Mattias will primarily conduct a literature review and engage in writing, both to complete Y1 reports (review quantitative research and develop communications around it) and in preparation for the Y2 Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) qualitative portion of the research. He will be connected with policy makers and advocates who work in this space (SEL) and will be part of conversations and convenings in order to complete this work.

Alex Cole-Weiss, ELIPPS CA Fellow at UC Davis Center for Regional Change. 

Alex Cole-Weiss

Center Placement: UC Davis Center for Regional Change

Alex Cole-Weiss is a Masters student in Community Development. During the course of her fellowship, she will work on creating collaborative strategies for building healthy and sustainable communities. Her focus will be on an evaluation design project for the Sacramento Promise Zone, a Federal initiative sponsored by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

Frannie Einterz, ELIPPS CA Fellow at UC Davis Innovation Institute for Food and Health. 

Frances (Frannie) Einterz

Center Placement: UC Davis Innovation Institute for Food and Health  

Frannie is a MS student in Community Development. This summer she will be working in collaboration with the Innovation Institute and the Ag Economics department to develop a cost/benefit analysis of waste diversion for Food Banks and investigating any concomitant policy implications.  Her main focus will be for the Yolo/Sacramento region with the hope that her work will be relevant and applicable to food banks throughout the state. 

Richie Kaur, ELIPPS CA Fellow at CA Air Resources Board. 

Richie Kaur

Agency Placement: CA Air Resources Board 

Richie Kaur is a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental and Agricultural Chemistry. During the course of her fellowship, she will work on connecting policy interventions with observed air quality improvements using ARB's repository of air quality data. She will also help in developing best practices for other countries based on the ARB's success in curbing air pollution in California. 

Michael Lee, ELIPPS CA Fellow at California Energy Commission.

Michael Lee

Center Placement: California Energy Commission

Michael is working at the Energy Generation Research Office of the California Energy Commission. Projects include studying computer models to determine the feasibility of harvesting biomass from the drought-induced tree mortality epidemic as well as research on implementing distributed wind energy within the state of California.